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We've had a very exciting and interesting first year in business. We had a few setbacks, a few frustrations, and more than our fair share of "learning opportunities". Everything a new business needs in order to grow and learn what works for it and what doesn't. 

With the tremendous amount of support and the amazing community we've built in the short amount of time we've been open, we are looking to build out our space to accomplish two objectives:

Create a "Season Proof" patio area for both dogs and people to enjoy year round, without the fear of being rained out or get too cold.

Purchase a food truck and staff it. During the weekdays, we have several regulars who come for the park and not for beer. Opening a food truck that we own will increase revenue and drive sales for the non beer drinkers.

Our Stats
Black Dog

1,441 Dogs are registered with us

Friends Drinking Beer

3,023+ Unique individuals have enjoyed our space

Pouring Beer

The average order per person is $20.58

This only accounts for beer and merchandise sales. Food sales are expected to increase this by 50%

What to expect down the road
BARk Park Dog only for Instagram_edited_edited.png
BARk Park Dog only for Instagram_edited_edited.png
BARk Park Dog only for Instagram_edited_edited.png

With the addition of a food truck, being able to tap into the family demographic of the area, and building a season proof shelter for our patrons, we anticipate our revenue to increase by a minimum of 3x once complete. 

Once we begin to see the increased revenue from these additions, we plan to do the following: 

Landscape the field to prevent flooding after rains

Add a grooming service in the front building

Install an outdoor wash station for post visit clean up

Begin scouting for additional locations both locally and in neighboring cities

The Ultimate goal being to franchise the business into multiple locations, diversify the different types of revenue funnels, and spread across the Tri-State area and beyond.

$500 Investment

Lifetime Membership for
1 Dog

*Each additional $500 investment adds another lifetime membership for a dog

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