Flamingo Print Poop Bags

Flamingo Print Poop Bags


Why not dispose diapers or dog poop in style!!! Pink Flamingo Poop Bag Holder, helps make the most of it!!!


Poop Bag Holder, attaches via carabiner! Leash and Stroller accessory or hang from diaper bag!

This fabric will have slight variations due to the large design. All are cut from one piece but will have different areas of print from the fabric.

Lined with a snap closure.

Holds 2 rolls of bags.

Because it’s fabric, it is generous with the width of bags it uses, unlike the plastic ones.

Bags dispense through grommet on front.

Measures around 3 1/4” x 4 1/8”.

Water resistant with cotton duck inside.

Bags NOT included, but available everywhere!